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The Winery - CARM built a new winery in 2004. It was an important step towards producing top quality wines. Located at Quinta das Marvalhas, in Almendra, it borders the Douro International Natural Park, and offers some of the most spectacular views of the Douro Valley.
The modern technology is an important tool in making wines that fully express the characteristics of our traditional Portuguese grape varieties.

Quinta das Marvalhas - The Winery

The choice of the location was based in two important factors: On the one hand its central postion in relation to all the different family vineyards, allowing that way a quick transportation of the grapes during the harvest. On the other hand its elevation (400 metres) and northeast facing, which help minimize the heat effects during the extremely dry and hot summers in the region ( often over 40oC in the shade!)



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From great rivers, great wines are born. From the Douro, are also born the best olives oils.